Payout Percentages at Online Casinos

The payout percentage rate at today’s online casinos is usually calculated by a trusted independent third party auditor. The RTP % payout rate (Return To Player percentage rate) at all of our most highly recommended South African online casinos tends to range anywhere from as low as 95.50% up to in some cases as high as 99.00% or higher. Third party auditors basically calculate how much the games are paying back over a certain period of time.

Let’s just say that players have spent a total of R22,000,000.00 in the casino on all of the games combined (in a one month period) and that these players received a total of R21,296,000.00 back in winnings for the same month under review. This means that the casino has an average RTP% payout rate of 96.80%. Third party auditors will not only monitor individual game categories, but also individual games and they may take several hundred million spins on one individual slot just to obtain the average payout info for that particular game.

Using the exact same example above, it means that the casino kept the remaining 3.2% (or R704,000) as profit. Let’s take a look at another example of how this works. If the players have spent a total of R11,000,000 on the Slot Games and those same players received R10,890,000.00 back in winnings, it means that the RTP% payout rate for the Slot Games came to 99.00% and that the casino kept the remaining 1.00% (or R110,000) as profit. None of our featured online casinos tend to have a lower than 95.00% payout rate, although it has been known for some of these results to very rarely dip to as low as 93.00%. However, some individual game categories have also been known to have a higher than 100.00% payout rate.

Some players will only ever look for online casinos that have higher average payout rates than other casinos. For example, these players may only want to gamble in the real money mode at online casinos with an average 98.00% or 99.00% payout rate, but it doesn’t mean to say that they are more likely to win at the casinos with higher RTP payout rates. Don’t forget that this is just an average payout rate.

These statistics are likely to change on a monthly basis by as much as 5.00% (higher or lower) compared to the previous time it was calculated. One of the major online casino testing agencies that some of you may already be familiar with is an internationally accredited testing agency known as Technical Systems Testing (TST). This trusted auditor monitors some of our top-rated South African online casinos.

You also have the Random Number Generators (RNG’s) at online casinos and these are basically the programs that determine the outcomes of the game. The results that are constantly being produced by random mathematical algorithms are about as fair and realistic as can be. RNG’s are also frequently tested to make sure that the player is never being cheated in any way, but if you were to spot something out of the ordinary, the best thing to do would be to contact the casino and report your findings.

This kind of unusual activity doesn’t normally happen and it is only ever like to happen at a rogue online casino which is unlicensed. In the past, certain unscrupulous operators have been known to tamper with their software to make the odds more favourable to them, but this kind of ruthless activity would never occur at any of the fully licensed South African online casinos that we have reviewed and recommended for you right here on this website.

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